Case study: Awavena

From legendary artist/director Lynette Wallworth and the Amazonian Yawanawa people, “Awavena” is a stunning tale of metamorphosis, and the second in a series of mixed-reality works by Lynette Wallworth and producer Nicole Newnham, following their Emmy-winning VR film “Collisions.”

What Steampunk Digital Did

Aaron Hilton was tasked with bringing the Awavena story to the iPhone X with Bridge Engine.  This drove an enormous amount of technical innovation across both the Bridge Engine and on PC VR. A shining moment was visualizing a Paracosm PX-80 LIDAR scan of the Yawanawa forrest path. A 56 million point cloud data set, in realtime, and make that visual scale down to work on a mobile device.

In collaboration with Chris Birke's point cloud rendering technique, Aaron adapted Chris' work and created a highly scalable engine that worked across both platforms. It worked so well we were able to load all LIDAR data at once (230+ million point), and fly through it smoothly in Unity's editor.

The result was nothing short of stunning.  If you get a chance, I highly recommend seeing this Mixed Reality film for yourself.