Client: Fablab Dazaifu, Mr Joshima

Technologies: AR, Photogrammetry, Monocle SS,


Shiraishi Sarayama Ningyo Reproduction Project

Reproduction of tiny and adorable Shiraishi Sarayama dolls with 3D scanning

Steampunk Digital collaborated with Fablab Dazaifu and Mr, Joshima, to create an scale-accurate archival scan of Shiraishi Sarayama dolls, which is the local dolls in Saga.  The resulting scan was used to safely create a 3D printed reproduction, and AR-ready models for viewing on mobile phone.

The purpose of this project was planned from Mr Joshima’s with the belief that Shiraishi Sarayama dolls will continue to be loved by people by making a lot of dolls, which have been lost and only a few remain, and blend into everyday life.

Steampunk Digital was in charge of 3D scanning and making Augmented Reality model of the dolls.


3D Scanning

Steampunk Digital used a Sony a7r mark III camera and a technique called photogrammetry to scan the Shiraishi Sarayama dolls and make it 3D.

When it was in the photogrammetry process, colour chart and a fiducial marker were used in order to keep the accurate size and colours of dolls.

After photography, the pictures were imported into the computer and processed. An large 650 MB 3D model was generated from photographs in the software, so it was required to decimate polygons and clean up 3D meshes. Processing this data reduced it to between 3-5 MB per model, while maintaining precise surface detail for 3D printing, and resulting in high-quality data that is easily handled on mobile devices.


Steampunk Digital sent the 3D model data to Fablab Dazaifu to print 3D models with a 3D printer.

The outcome was successful, a 3D model was printed with high-quality details by technicians.

Therefore, mass production is possible after the colouring of Shiraishi Sarayama dolls is completed.

Also, a USDZ file is available so that it is possible to show the real size of dolls as AR on devices such as iPhone and iPad in the real-world.


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