Fukuoka City Museum【3D Fukuoka City Museum at home】

PROJECT Case 01 AR Monocle SS WebXR 2020/4/1〜 Client: Fukuoka City Museum Technologies: AR, Monocle SS, WebXR URL : https://www.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/keizai/museum-gakugei/charm/fcm3d.html#03 Fukuoka City Museum STay at Home – Digital Experience Steampunk Digital has collaborated with the Fukuoka City Museum to create an open online museum called “Fukuoka City Museum – Home Digital Experience” The purpose of […]

Marine World・Kyushu Sangyo University【Project Cetus】

PROJECT Case o2 AR Photogrammetry App MR 2019/01/06~2020/9/26 Client: Marine World Uminonakamichi, Kyushu Sangyo University Technologies: AR, Photogrammetry, Unity, Blender, Monocle SS URL : Marine World・Kyushu Sangyo University【Project Cetus】 Mixed Reality Application「Project Cetus」shown at Marine World Steampunk Digital, Co. Ltd. and Jvis, Ltd. participated in the「Project Cetus」lead by Hoshino laboratory from the Kyushu Sangyo University. The […]

ADAL【“Look into Nature”】 Web XR Project

PROJECT Case 04 AR WebXR VR 2020/9/7〜 Client: ADAL Technologies: AR, VR, WebXR, URL : https://adal-look-into-nature.monocle.gallery/?fbclid=IwAR3Tq-zdmDusDA9ZgfDrUPw0AnWIu-9Lf13w7h6wlyLiVf0bumt58hXOuWc “Look into Nature” by ADAL Web AR Project ADAL released a new furniture brand “Look into Nature” Web AR Project Steampunk Digital collaborated with ADAL to develop an AR experience of furniture for a new brand “Look into Nature”. […]

Fablab Dazaifu 【Sarayama Ningyo Reproduction Project】

PROJECT Case 05 AR Photogrammetry Monocle SS 2020/7〜 Client: Fablab Dazaifu, Mr Joshima Technologies: AR, Photogrammetry, Monocle SS, URL : Shiraishi Sarayama Ningyo Reproduction Project Reproduction of tiny and adorable Shiraishi Sarayama dolls with 3D scanning Steampunk Digital collaborated with Fablab Dazaifu and Mr, Joshima, to create an scale-accurate archival scan of Shiraishi Sarayama dolls, […]

Fablab Dazaifu【3D Scanning Experience & Printing Services】

PROJECT Case 03 AR Monocle SS 3D Scanning 2020/4 〜 Client: Fablab Dazaifu Technologies: AR, Monocle SS, 3D Scanning URL : https://fablabdazaifu.com/archives/event/3dscanl Fablab Dazaifu【3D Scanning Experience & Printing SErvices】 「3D Scanning Experience & Printing Services」 Steampunk Digital collaborated with FabLab Dazaifu and provided service for 「3D scanning experience and printing service」 The reason why Steampunk […]