Fukuoka City Museum【3D Fukuoka City Museum at home】

PROJECT Case 01 AR Monocle SS WebXR 2020/4/1〜 Client: Fukuoka City Museum Technologies: AR, Monocle SS, WebXR URL : https://www.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/keizai/museum-gakugei/charm/fcm3d.html#03 Fukuoka City Museum STay at Home – Digital Experience Steampunk Digital has collaborated with the Fukuoka City Museum to create an open online museum called “Fukuoka City Museum – Home Digital Experience” The purpose of […]

Marine World・Kyushu Sangyo University【Project Cetus】

PROJECT Case o2 AR Photogrammetry App MR Monocle SS 2019/01/06~2020/9/26 Client: Marine World Uminonakamichi, Kyushu Sangyo University Technologies: AR, Photogrammetry, Unity, Blender, Monocle SS URL : Marine World・Kyushu Sangyo University【Project Cetus】 Mixed Reality Application「Project Cetus」shown at Marine World Steampunk Digital, Co. Ltd. and Jvis, Ltd. participated in the「Project Cetus」lead by Hoshino laboratory from the Kyushu Sangyo […]

ADAL【“Look into Nature”】 Web XR Project

PROJECT Case 04 AR WebXR VR 2020/9/7〜 Client: ADAL Technologies: AR, VR, WebXR, URL : https://adal-look-into-nature.monocle.gallery/?fbclid=IwAR3Tq-zdmDusDA9ZgfDrUPw0AnWIu-9Lf13w7h6wlyLiVf0bumt58hXOuWc “Look into Nature” by ADAL Web AR Project ADAL released a new furniture brand “Look into Nature” Web AR Project Steampunk Digital collaborated with ADAL to develop an AR experience of furniture for a new brand “Look into Nature”. […]

Fablab Dazaifu 【Sarayama Ningyo Reproduction Project】

PROJECT Case 05 AR Photogrammetry Monocle SS 2020/7〜 Client: Fablab Dazaifu, Mr Joshima Technologies: AR, Photogrammetry, Monocle SS, URL : Shiraishi Sarayama Ningyo Reproduction Project Reproduction of tiny and adorable Shiraishi Sarayama dolls with 3D scanning Steampunk Digital collaborated with Fablab Dazaifu and Mr, Joshima, to create an scale-accurate archival scan of Shiraishi Sarayama dolls, […]

Fablab Dazaifu【3D Scanning Experience & Printing Services】

PROJECT Case 03 AR Monocle SS 3D Scanning 2020/4 〜 Client: Fablab Dazaifu Technologies: AR, Monocle SS, 3D Scanning URL : https://fablabdazaifu.com/archives/event/3dscanl Fablab Dazaifu 【3D Scanning Experience & Printing SErvices】 「3D Scanning Experience & Printing Services」 Steampunk Digital collaborated with FabLab Dazaifu and provided service for 「3D scanning experience and printing service」 The reason why […]