Monocle Cloud Trailer Uploaded!!

2021/02/06 We’ve just released a trailer for our 3D platform service, Monocle Cloud! Monocle Cloud is a service that provides 3D scanning, 3D viewer, uploading, sharing, 3D data management and other 3D related functions. Monocle Cloud Monocle SS

Hakata Hankyu【2021 Doll House Fair (Steampunk)】

PROJECT Case 06 AR Monocle SS WebXR 2021/1/14 Client: Hakata Hankyu Technologies: AR, Monocle SS, WebXR URL: None Hakata Hankyu【2021 Dollhouse Fair (Steampunk Style)】 Entering a dollhouse for a “3D photo session” Steampunk Digital held a “3D photo session” in a steampunk miniature dollhouse during the “2021 Dollhouse Fair (Steampunk)” event organised by Hakata Hankyu. The […]