How to use Monocle Scanner

How to Calibrate your sensor

1: Install the “Structure Sensor Calibrator” app on your iPad.

2: Attach the structure sensor to your iPad.

3: Launch the app and fill up your solar meter, either outdoors or indoors.

4: When the sunlight is full, colour and infrared split-screen will be displayed. To calibrate well, target complex objects and scenes with high contrast.

5: Once you have determined the object to be measured by the sensor, you can specify it to fall within the square and manually fine-tune the calibration.

How to get a good ground scan

1: Tap Settings and turn on the Scan Pro Feature function “Keep Ground Geometry on Ground Scan”. You will need to purchase V3 Pro.

How to use exposure lock

1: Go to the settings page of the Monocle Structure Scanner app.

2: Before scanning a person, press and hold the person’s face on the screen to lock the exposure.

How to use fill-holes for scanning people and objects

1: Tap on Settings, then turn on the Scan Pro features “Fill Holes After Scan”. You will need to purchase V3 Pro.