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Monocle Cloud Trailer Uploaded!!

Monocle Cloud Trailer Uploaded!!

2021年2月8日 Blog

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8uOY5NQcTQ&feature=emb_logo 2021/02/06 We've just released a trailer for our 3D platform service, Monocle Cloud!Monocle Cloud

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Hakata Hankyu【2021 Doll House Fair (Steampunk)】

Hakata Hankyu【2021 Doll House Fair (Steampunk)】

2021年1月15日 Projects

PROJECT Case 06 AR Monocle SS WebXR 2021/1/14 Client: Hakata Hankyu Technologies: AR, Monocle SS,

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Fukuoka City Museum【3D Fukuoka City Museum at home】

Fukuoka City Museum【3D Fukuoka City Museum at home】

2020年12月14日 Projects

PROJECT Case 01 AR Monocle SS WebXR 2020/4/1〜 Client: Fukuoka City Museum Technologies: AR, Monocle

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Steampunk Digital, Co. Ltd. mission is to democratize access to 3D technology, so anyone can capture the real world, share it, and collaborate digitally at a distance. We specialize in 3D scanning and creating mixed reality experience that run in real-time on mobile phones and digital eyewear.

We believe in user focused design to craft 3D experiences that amaze and delight.


Monocle is a suite of services and software we have created to simplify the process of capturing 3D data and sharing it. Most traditional tools require extreme technical expertise when handling potentially enormous volumes of 3D data. Whereas Monocle is meant to be used by all people, allowing easy and good quality capture, upload, and viewing on everyday AR-ready mobile phones and digital eyewear.

Monocolist Certification

Creating some forms of 3D data is still very difficult, so Steampunk Digital aims to certify those with the needed technical expertise as “Monocolists”. Through certification, we can assure the best care is taken to creating the right digital experiences that are of the highest quality. We want anyone to be able to capture the real world and make it become useful 3D digital data for sharing around the world. So if you have a need to digitize an object, we’ll bring the best talent to make it digital.

XR Development (Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality → Mixed Reality)

Steampunk Digital has extensive expertise building what is known as Mixed Reality (XR) experiences.  This is a form of digital experience that starts with capturing real world elements, and fusing it together with digital.  Please read about our many projects, and try out a digital experience!

Dream Big. Dream Digital.

Our team are pioneering inventors crafting the latest technology.  We dream of creating delightful user experiences powered by 5G real-time communications, lightweight AR glasses, and artificial intelligence (AI).  We are dreaming of a fantastical digital future for everyone to enjoy.

Monocle Cloud

Monocle is

【Monocle Cloud】our online platform for uploading 3D data and sharing to the world with AR-ready mobile phones, VR headsets, and digital eyewear.

【What is monocle scanning?
Copy-paste the real world into AR. Our Monocle Scanner takes 2 minutes from capture to online hosted AR model.  Ready to view online using iPhone / iPad or Android mobile phone.



Steampunk Digital is willing to collaborate with other companies and public facilities to provide our advanced technology.
Our service Monocle Cloud will give a good opportunity to enhance your projects and works.

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Hakata Hankyu【2021 Doll House Fair (Steampunk)】

スクリーンショット 2020-12-07 16.34.10_result
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Fukuoka City Museum【3D Fukuoka City Museum at home】


Marine World・Kyushu Sangyo University【Project Cetus】

スクリーンショット 2020-12-10 11.24.10_result

ADAL【“Look into Nature”】 Web XR Project

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Fablab Dazaifu 【Sarayama Ningyo Reproduction Project】

#Monocle SS

Fablab Dazaifu【3D Scanning Experience & Printing Services】


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