Digital Dojo

Constructing the human imagination in realtime.

Our Goal

We are developing techniques for Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality world creation. The challenge is to capture the human imagination and turn it into a 3D world, to make whatever our imaginations can conjure, in seconds.

Our goal is to teach these digital techniques to all people, of any age and at any skill level. To be truly welcoming, encouraging people to come together and create.

What is Digital Dojo?

Pair Training

Uke: Initiates the imagination Confirms the correctness
Nage: Captures and Constructs the Imagination

Separating the roles allows for an externalized explain and response interaction between two people. Helping a newcomer to get oriented and learn from a more senior person. It’s also a perfect point to apply machine learning and assist the creation of the imagined world.

Network Effect

Singular vision / Fast capture / On demand specialists fill in what's needed.

Through the a system of recording and organizing, a singular vision can be captured, and relayed to specialists who can fill in and augment each other’s capabilities.   Ultimately fulfilling collaborative creation potential that can operate globally.

For example Uke wants to build a dream home, then the Nage could be an architect, who then pulls in supporting engineering, plumbing, electrical, and interior designer on demand as they begin to narrow down and finalize the home design.  Finally home construction could be coordinated with site preparation, pre-visualization from actual land scan data, GIS of infrastructure from the city, and supporting tools for costing out the construction.

We are making a digital construction art form that leverages networked peers to streamline the construction of each other’s imagination.

Deep Learning

Map and Procedurally Generate Associated Models,
Sound, Physics & Materials, and Environments

Machine learning can fill in the world details.  For example, drawing a rough outline of an oak tree can bring up associated imagery of a surrounding forest, earth floor, sounds of wind rustling through the oak tree branches, sun and skybox, and sun illumination model.  The physics of wood could apply to the tree bark, and a realistic PBR material of oak bark can be applied to the oak tree.

Skill Rankings

Making accessible for beginners to start, unlimited richness and potential for experts.

Often people will have wildly varying skill levels and skill sets. On the whole, the ability of Nage to construct imagination is a combination of time invested with each rank, and specific skill to fluently capture and call up a variety of resources and streamline the creative process for Uke. And as Uke the student learns how to translate the imagined realities in their own minds into descriptions and gestures, more fully and precisely. Recognizing each other’s relative rank helps with quickly deciding mentorship rolls in training.

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