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【XMeet AR and Holographic Communications Project】

A system that combines the real and virtual worlds "Xmeet"

Steampunk Digital has participated in the paralreal Project, planned by paralreal Corporation, which aims to create a new common lifeline with VR and XR technology.

paralreal Lab was recently opened, where you can experience technology that combines the real world and the virtual world.

Steampunk Digital created “Xmeet” a remote holographic communication system that transmits the physical world to AR devices and holographic glasses.

What is "Xmeet"?

In recent years the development and spread of video conferencing system technology has made communication with people living in distant places more accessible. Also more recently there has been promotion of remote working due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and measures to counter the decline in the number of workers and regional disparities caused by the falling birth rate and ageing population. This has led to an ever-increasing demand for remote communication systems.

However, there are some challenges with conventional telecommunication systems.  With video conferencing systems, you can’t feel the other person’s presence, and it’s difficult to know who you’re talking to.

In recent years, VR conferencing systems have also emerged, which can handle both 2D and 3D data, but there are other issues to consider that are different to video conferencing, such as the simplicity of the avatar and the inability to see the other person’s facial expressions, and the inability to hold a meeting primarily in a real working space.

However, “Xmeet” is a new system that allows you to communicate in 3D with people at a distance using AR glasses, smartphones or tablets. This solves the problem of both video conferencing and VR conferencing systems.

In addition, in the future, we plan to use Monocle Scanner, a 3D object scanning system, we have developed to quickly capture physical objects, upload and use the 3D data to achieve real-time collaboration, sharing scanned objects and prepared 2D images on the spot. 

How to use "Xmeet"

Preparing to send the figure of a person

“Xmeet” uses two applications, one for sending and one for receiving.

In one configuration, an Azure Kinect is used as the sending device “Sender”.  The Azure Kinect captures the user’s image in real-time, and sends it to all other “Receivers” on the network.

The person therefore, needs to be in front of the Azure Kinect camera to be sent to others on the same connection.

Configuring applications for transmission

The user launches the “Xmeet Sender”. Four buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to select the combination of angle of view and resolution for your Kinect.

Next, set the range to be measured with Azure Kinect and you’re ready to send.

How to use the receiving application for Nreal Light (AR glasses)

Once you have connected Nreal Light to your smartphone, you can start the receiving application for Nreal Light.

When the connection to the sending application is established, the other party’s appearance will be displayed.

When you move your smartphone, the laser pointer is linked to it.  Move the pointer over the hologram’s movement button to grab and place the hologram.

The hologram can also be moved towards and away, or rotated by pressing on the corresponding part of the smartphone screen.

How to use the receiving application for smartphones and tablets

Launch the receiving app on your smartphone or tablet.

When the connection with the sending application is established, the other party’s hologram and the object for control are displayed.

You can move the control object by pressing down on the ball.  Grab and place the projection wherever you like.  Or you can rotate it by grabbing the thick bars on the sides of the cube with your finger, and rotate by pulling it in a circle around the ball.

Results of the "Xmeet" operation

With “Xmeet”, you can meet other people with 3D holograms based on the real world, even when you are far away, which allows you to communicate smoothly while seeing the appearance and expression of the other person.

Furthermore, by having two Azure Kinect “Sender” systems at both locations, and being present and collaborating in the hologram at the same time, the users feel each other’s presence as if they were in the same place.

Xmeet has also been tested in cooperation with Kyushu University and has shown to have a higher presence and quality of communication than existing video conferencing systems.

We believe that the introduction of “Xmeet” into the tourism and education sectors will allow us to make the most of these characteristics.

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