We were interviewed and filmed by NHK’s news program “Rokuichi! Fukuoka

The interview with Steampunk Digital was featured in NHK Fukuoka’s local program “Rokuichi Fukuoka!

This is the second time that Steampunk Digital’s interview has been aired on TV! Thank you very much!

This time we’re showing you how NHK filmed the whole thing!

3D scanning with the "Monocle Structure Scanner"

In addition to the Monocle Structure Sensor, which was previously covered by another broadcaster, we were also introduced to the new system called “Xmeet”.

Firstly, we used the “Monocle Structure Scanner” to get a 3D scan of the reporter!

We go around the object to be scanned 360 degrees and take a picture of the whole body with the iPad.

Simultaneous presence in 3DAR!

The scan took about three minutes and we were done!

Now that we have a nice 3D model, here are two shots of the full body model in AR mode!

“The Monocle Structure Scanner allows you to share your 3D model with anyone on the spot, so we shared the model on our personal smartphones and enjoyed the AR experience!

Steampunk Digital Daily Life and CEO Interview

Next, we were photographed the daily life of Steampunk Digital.

At Steampunk Digital we have a morning call (meeting) every morning, including remote working staff.

This was followed by an interview with the CEO, in which the Canadian-born CEO gave a speech about why he came to Japan to start his business, and his vision for the future, including how his company’s latest technology can be used in society.

Remote 3D holographic communication with Parareal Labs

The second day of filming took place in the paraleal Lab.

In the paraleal Lab, the 3D holographic communication system “paralreal Xmeet” was used to film the remote communication between the people staying in the Steampunk Digital office and the paraleal Lab respectively.

This time we used three Azure Kinects to see each other and communicate between three people in different locations, and we broadcasted the results!

The video is an AR holographic image that you can see when you wear Nreal Light.