The project “Fukuoka City SME DX Promotion Model Project” has started!

Fukuoka City has started a subsidy project “Fukuoka City SME DX Promotion Model Project” established for the purpose of promoting digital transformation (DX) of small and medium enterprises whose head office is located in the city.

Steampunk Digital will provide 3D scanning technology as a DX promotion company for companies selected for this subsidy project.

3D scanning with "Monocle Prime"

Su-mix is a Showa vintage clothing shop, which features clothes that the lady of the house wore 70 years ago.  In this DX project, we were challenged to create 3D scans of these clothes, which would then be shown in a virtual shop.  The goal was to capture down to the individual stitch, as these clothes were made with great attention to detail by the craftsmen of the time.

For this project, Steampunk Digital’s new 3D scanning pipeline, the “Monocle Prime” technology, was used to scan every detail of the artisan’s obsession!

Make it 3D!

20 mannequins scanned, 300MB of textures and material per scan

Each 3D model captures exquisite details of clothes!

The 20 mannequins dressed in vintage Showa clothing will be displayed in a virtual show room created by another promoting company!