We had a Musical Special Viewing Party!

VR Challenge Musical Special Viewing Party was held simultaneously online / at the Fukuoka City Engineer Café!
This viewing party featured short talks and VR experiences on the theme of music and music-related VR technology.
Here’s a look at the viewing party!

Short talk on Open Sound Control

We talked about Open Sound Control (a standard for communication used in electronic devices).

This demonstration used Geo-me Tree to analyse MIDI to create animation tracks, which were then played back in sync with the actual music.  It was modified to use OSC to control the tree’s shape.

The Geo-me Tree is available on Github and you can download the file to try it out. https://github.com/otri/VRC2-GeoTrees

Presentation of the VR Opera 'Orpheus VR' by special guests

As a special guest, Neel Nair, Virtual Production Director of re:Naissance Opera, gave a presentation on the team’s first virtual reality opera prototype, Orpheus VR.

The tools, processes, and behind-the-scenes design that made this production possible were presented.

VR Experience

Participants who actually came to the Engineer Café were invited to use the VR headset and experience the VR opera.
To experience Orpheus VR, click here.

Musicians' performance demos

Finally, a visual sound demonstration was given by a musician, connecting MIDI instruments and the MIDI Visualizer.

Click here to see the software used in this demonstration.

VR Challenge #3 starts with a new format

The new format will apply to VR Challenge #3.

The next VR Challenge #3 will take place from 1~4 July.

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