Monocle3d system

Monocle Prime

【What is Monocle Prime?】
Monocle Prime is an app for iPhone that allows anyone to easily capture the real world with photorealistic 3D precision.

Monocle Prime Features


【Accuracy and Precision】
Monocle Prime shows less than 0.5% error and high accuracy from the actual size. This is consistent with the result of photogrammetry using a high-end digital SLR camera. Also, the variation across the capture volume is less than 0.01%, which is approaching the limits of 32-bit floating-point precision. This result shows that Monocle Prime is highly accurate and precise.


Ian looking at Red Ochi jacket while scanning with Monocle Prime

【Ease of Capture】
Monocle Prime only requires about 10 minutes to learn how to use the app with a phone with two or more cameras, and how to capture good 3D scanning and does not require any special equipment, preparation, or technical knowledge. Therefore, anyone can easily create a photo-realistic 3D model of accurate size by just using iPhone.