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#3 Theme: Interactivity and Music


【VR Challenge #2 - Theme: Geometry】

think ̶o̶u̶t̶s̶i̶d̶e̶ with boxes
- a WebXR / Browser game


A WebXR/PC puzzle game based on projection and geometry.

Judges Comments

This is a full game, with music, menus, and level editor. It’s impressive for how the game feels complete, and for how well polished and enjoyable is the overall gameplay experience. Highly recommended to try it out. It works on both desktop browser and in Quest’s browser WebXR mode.

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Award Histroy

【VR Challenge #1 - Theme: Anything】

Great entries by Stevie, Ayas, and Know.  The judges chose NeoCity Defender – VR Mech Shooter as 1st place, and a tie between DeusExMachina and PlayVoxel.

NeoCity Defender stood out with music, play mechanics, menu system, and in particular, the outstanding sequence of enemy movements that made it feel like the Matrix battle scene.

DeusExMachina is a fantastic prototyping tool, but takes a little bit of effort to load it with media; images and 3D  assets.  We think this has huge potential if hooked to some kind of Google Drive or Dropbox file folder to make it easier to add your own assets. The menu system, and intuitive controls make it fun to play around.

PlayVoxel is a fun WebXR experience, that has a simple focused experience of painting with blocks.  The color picking controls are a bit awkward, but on the whole it is impressive how complete the experience is for creating art in a VR environment.

NeoCity Defender - VR Mech Shooter


This VR Mech Shooter Prototype was made over the winter break off work. The project was inspired from a scene in the Matrix 3 where the humans use mechs with guns to fight and defend their underground city from waves of enemy sentinels. My goal was to recreate that experience and feeling in VR.。

DeusExMachina - xR prototyping tool


DeusExMachina is a 3D space prototyping tool for VR/AR/MR products, like 2D UI prototyping tool; Figma, Sketch, InVision and so on.

Our product helps engineers, designers and producers testing the concepts of their xR products easily, rapidly and iteratively.

PlayVoxel - a WebXR game for Quest 2


Made using PlayCanvas and WebXR to be experienced on Meta Quest 2.

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