2021/9/16〜 2022/2/17

Client: Double S World ("Showa Vintage®︎ Clothing Store SU-MIX)

Technologies: Monocle Prime, WebXR

Double S World
【DX Project】

"Showa Vintage ®︎ clothing OTHER dimension store" opened

This project is a 3D virtual store showcasing SU-MIX’s amazing lineup of vintage clothes for sale. Steampunk Digital provided 3D scanning technology, and the store was produced by  CGWorks (株式会社CGworks This store includes features such as browsing a virtual showroom in 3D, calling to a sales clerk during shopping hours, a brief history of each item, and linking to the online e-commerce website for purchasing. It was born out of Fukuoka City’s push to realize DX conversion of business models in a post COVID-19 marketplace.
“Showa Vintage®︎ Clothing Store SU-MIX” ( has been selling domestic luxury clothing (haute couture) made by craftsmen for Japanese ladies from around early Showa era (approx. 1945 ~ 1965) with sophisticated sewing techniques and attention to detail. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of opportunities to sell these products decreased significantly and the business deteriorated. As a solution to this problem, the aim of the project was to create a new customer experience through the creation of a virtual shop, which would add value to the service and improve operational efficiency.

3D Scanning

Left: Monocle Structure Scanner / Right: Monocle prime
For this project, SU-MIX (operated by Double S World) wanted to create a 3D model of a quality that would allow us to see the details of the stitching and intricate patterns that the craftsmen, of the time, were so particular about.
As this was our first use or our new Monocle Prime pipeline, we needed to check the quality of the new system. First, we 3D scanned with “Monocle Structure Scanner”.  This let us verify the scale was accurate, and helped to get the mannequin head, arms, and leg features.

However, it became clear that the Monocle Prime pipeline was able to create incredibly high-quality 3D models of the clothing.  It was able to retain fine features, down to the stitching detail and small zipper in the back!
In order to perform 3D scanning in detail with “Monocle Prime”, we used our office for the capture.  To provide more uniform lighting we prepared four stand lights (VOLTROX Pro VL-200T).
Using an iPhone 12 Pro Max, we captured samples from all sides. Moving up and down, we captured all around the model, making sure to get data in and around the creases and curves of the mannequin. We needed to ensure the coverage between all captured areas had at least 70% overlap.
We scanned over 26 mannequin and clothing combinations, and kept 21 final models.

After uploading the model to Monocle Cloud, Steampunk Digital’s cloud system, we were able to view the model in a 3D and see that it scanned beautifully, down to the stitching, and even managed to recreate the pattern, texture and feel of the clothes!

Left: Actual cloth picture Right: 3D model picture

Compare the 3D model with the actual product photo and there’s hardly any difference to the real thing!

3D models on display in the virtual shop

The virtual shop is made to feel like a luxury boutique shore, as described by SU-MIX and designed by CGworks.  This was made to feature the 20 scanned 3D models, each featured on their own display stands.
You can move around the store freely using the movement and line-of-sight control bar. Also, when close to the model, the model slowly rotates 360° degrees. You can see the backside and all details of the clothes.
The story of the clothes is also introduced on the back panel behind the model. You can see the photos of the fashion model wearing the clothes by clicking the details button. If you like it, you can open the link to another browser window, and buy the clothes from the e-commerce site.
For this project, we used the new Monocle Prime 3D processing pipeline. The results demonstrate it crosses the threshold to true photorealism. The ease of use and scale accurate output make this suitable use in the retail industry.
Monocle Prime allows anyone to easily perform high-quality 3D scans on iPhone.


(click image to view in 3D)

Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Model 4
Model 5
Model 6

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