We had a Viewing Party!

The VR Challenge#1 Viewing Party was held simultaneously online and at the Fukuoka City Engineer Café!

The Viewing Party is a party for everyone to enjoy the VR work submitted to the VR Challenge!

Work introduction and workshop

We gave a brief introduction to the judges and reviewed VR entries for the VR Challenge#1.

In this edition of the Viewing Party, we showed how to load apps on the Quest 2, and run WebXR with Oculus Developer Hub. 

A viewing party together!

We casted Quest 2 to the screen and everyone got to spectate the VR creations!

The participants who came to the Engineer Café got to enjoy the VR creations with Quest 2!

Judges' meeting

After everyone had enjoyed the VR works, five people held a judges’ meeting to determine the winner of this year’s VR Challenge.
The judges for the first VR Challenge are as follows:
Laurie Griffiths (Engineer Cafe)
Yuichi Ishii (Unity Technologies Japan)
Aaron Hilton (Steampunk Digital)
Shizuka Ono (Steampunk Digital)
Eric Zhang (Former SIE)

Winner announced!

As a result of the meeting with the judges, Stevie (NeoCity Defender –VR Mech Shooter) was selected as the winner of the VR Challenge #1! congratulations!
It was so difficult to decide the runner-up, so the 2nd place was decided as a tie! Congratulations to Know (Deus Ex Machina – xR prototyping tool) and Ayas (PlayVoxel – WebXR game for Quest 2)!
All the works are wonderful, and we think everyone enjoyed the VR works! Thank you for your participation!

Vote NOW for VR Challenge #2 theme

VR Challenge #2 will take place starting from April 1st 2022!

Voting for the next theme is happening NOW!

We invite you to join the Discord community, and vote for the next theme on #Announcements.  Choose your favorites themes of what you would like to see in VR Challenge #2!