VR Challenge #3 Announcement!

VR Challenge is a bi-monthly event for Oculus Quest2.
In total, Steampunk Digital will host 6 VR Challenges in 2022, with a new work theme every two months and a production period for participants.
The VR Challenge will be judged by five VR experts and the top three winners will receive a prize or certificate!

VR Challenge #3 Theme

The theme of this time’s VR Challenge is “Interactivity and Music”! Keep the theme in mind when creating your work!
From this time onwards, the VR Challenge will be held over a four-day weekend (Friday~Monday).
Dates of VR Challenge #3
1 July 2022 (Fri)
JST 17:00~ 
PST 01:00~ 
-Announcement of theme/start of production
4 July 2022 (Mon)
JST 16:00
PST 00:00
JST 17:00 ~ 18:00
PST 01:00 ~ 02:00
-Evaluation of entries / Winner announcement

Mokumoku Study Meeting

itch.io will be used as the submission system.
If you have any questions about the VR Challenge, such as not knowing how to submit or how to create VR content, please attend the study sessions held at each event.
Steampunk Digital can help with your VR production!

Viewing Partty

Each time the VR Challenge theme changes, there will be a simultaneous offline (Engineer Cafe in Fukuoka) /online viewing party!
At the Viewing Party, you can mingle with other participants, share VR information and enjoy the VR creations submitted to the VR Challenge at Quest2!

Join the Community!

To take part in the VR Challenge, join the Steampunk Digital Discord community, visit the VR Challenge page on itch.io and click the Join Jam button to join! We’re looking forward to seeing lots of submissions!
The VR Challenge is all about learning, creating and having fun together through this event! This is an opportunity to share great experiences, make new friends and enjoy VR experiences together!