Event: City-Tech.Tokyo 2023

Technologies: AR, Monocle Prime

【3D holograms displayed on a Looking Glass】

3D models scanned by Prime and displayed on a Looking Glass

Steampunk Digital exhibited at City-Tech.Tokyo, a large-scale tech event held at the Tokyo International Forum from 27-28 February, 2023.
At the event, the company introduced Monocle Prime, a 3D scanning application for the iPhone, which is currently under development.
To attract the attention of the participants, a Looking Glass was used for the exhibition, and 3D models scanned with Monocle Prime were displayed as 3D holograms on the Looking Glass. Here are the steps involved!

Download Quilts For Looking Glass

Looking Glass Portraite

Looking Glass is a 3D holographic display developed by Looking Glass Factory that can be viewed with the naked eye, and can display 3D holograms of 3DCG, animations and even 2D photos taken with a smartphone’s portrait mode or a camera app that can record depth information.

For the City-Tech.Tokyo event, we exhibited three 3D models with 3D holograms using Looking Glass.

Download these three samples and enjoy 3D holograms with Looking Glass!

Tutorial: How to display Models on a Looking Glass

Step 1 : Go to Gallery from Prime app

– Start Monocle Prime, select a 3D model

– In the 3D viewer, select the upper right menu and tap ‘Open in Monocle Gallery’


Step 2 : Download 3D model from Gallery

– In the Gallery, click the download GLB button.

Click the image to expand

Step 3 : Blender Set-up

– Import the .glb into blender

– Set up an HDRI environment texture for lighting

Click the image to expand

Step 4 : Create a turntable animation

– Select the 3D model and click on the item tab.

– Change the rotation of the object to XYZ Euler using the dropdown menu.

– Select the Z axis input field and type ‘#frame’.

– Following this we used ‘2piframe/60*2/9′ to set the rotation speed of the object.

Click the image to expand

Step 5 : Looking Glass Add-on

– Download and enable the looking Glass blender add-on

– Set up a render camera and position the 3D model within the clip start and clip end

– Rotate the X axis of the camera to 67.4°

– Adjust the focal plane to partially slice through the object.

Step 6 : Render

– Go to Addons then select the Alice/LG Addon. Open the drop down and switch from Single View Camera Mode to Multiview.

– Render an animation quilt from the Looking Glass add-on panel

– This produces a series of PNG renders with 48 views of the object stitched together per frame.

Step 7: Encode Video

The rendered images are combined in blender or After Effects into a video file.

The encoding settings of the video are;

– WebM

– vp9 Code


  • Maintain the same filename extension that was generated in the blender render, ie : qs8x6a0.75
  • Premiere did not recognise the image sequence.
  •  We used after effects to convert the image sequence into a .mov file and HandBrake to convert the .mov into the .webm format.

Step 8: Upload to Looking Glass

– Open Looking Glass Studio

– Ensure the Looking Glass device is connected to your PC

– Drag the webM file into the ‘add hologram’ area.

– Click sync playlist to store hologram on looking glass.

Monocle Prime 3D Model on Looking Glass

Useful Links

Importing an image sequence in After Effects:

Looking Glass official tutorial:

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