Kyushu University Fujibuchi Lab【X-SERVE VD】

PROJECT Case 10 AR 2023/1/24 Client: Kyushu University Medical Research Institute Fujiuchi lab Technologies: AR URL: Kyushu University Medical Research Institute Fujiuchi lab 【X-SERVE VD】 iOS app for medical education published A medical education iOS app developed with the Fujibuchi Laboratory of the Medical Research Institute, Kyushu University, is now available. The app enables […]

VR Challenge #3 Announcement!

2022/06/30 VR Challenge is a bi-monthly event for Oculus Quest2. In total, Steampunk Digital will host 6 VR Challenges in 2022, with a new work theme every two months and a production period for participants. The VR Challenge will be judged by five VR experts and the top three winners will receive a prize or certificate! View […]

We had a Musical Special Viewing Party!

2022/06/18 VR Challenge Musical Special Viewing Party was held simultaneously online / at the Fukuoka City Engineer Café! This viewing party featured short talks and VR experiences on the theme of music and music-related VR technology. Here’s a look at the viewing party! Short talk on Open Sound Control We talked about Open Sound Control (a standard […]

VR Challenge #2 Announcement!

2022/04/01 January 29, 2022, We started a “VR Challenge” for Oculus Quest 2! Steampunk Digital will hold a total of 6 “VR Challenges” in 2022, and announce a new theme every two months. In “VR Challenge” 5 VR experts will judge, and prizes will be sent to the top 3 winners! View Details 2022 VR […]

We had a Viewing Party!

2022/03/20 The VR Challenge#1 Viewing Party was held simultaneously online and at the Fukuoka City Engineer Café! The Viewing Party is a party for everyone to enjoy the VR work submitted to the VR Challenge! Work introduction and workshop We gave a brief introduction to the judges and reviewed VR entries for the VR Challenge#1. […]

Double S World【DX Project】

PROJECT Case 09 Monocle Prime WebXR 3D Scanning 2021/9/16〜 2022/2/17 Client: Double S World (“Showa Vintage®︎ Clothing Store SU-MIX) Technologies: Monocle Prime, WebXR URL : Double S World【DX Project】 “Showa Vintage ®︎ clothing OTHER dimension store” opened This project is a 3D virtual store showcasing SU-MIX’s amazing lineup of vintage clothes for sale. Steampunk […]

Designated for the Startup Corporate Tax Reduction Company!

2022/02/01 Steampunk Digital has been selected as a Startup Corporate Tax Reduction Company under the Japanese government!  Fukuoka City supports startups who are challenging innovative businesses in terms of corporate tax reduction, and supported us with the application process. We would like to thank the staff in charge of Fukuoka City for their hard work […]

The project “Fukuoka City SME DX Promotion Model Project” has started!

2021/09/16 Fukuoka City has started a subsidy project “Fukuoka City SME DX Promotion Model Project” established for the purpose of promoting digital transformation (DX) of small and medium enterprises whose head office is located in the city. Steampunk Digital will provide 3D scanning technology as a DX promotion company for companies selected for this subsidy […]

We were interviewed and filmed by NHK’s news program “Rokuichi! Fukuoka

2021/07/09 The interview with Steampunk Digital was featured in NHK Fukuoka’s local program “Rokuichi Fukuoka! This is the second time that Steampunk Digital’s interview has been aired on TV! Thank you very much! This time we’re showing you how NHK filmed the whole thing! 3D scanning with the “Monocle Structure Scanner” In addition to the […]