We were interviewed and filmed by NHK’s news program “Rokuichi! Fukuoka

2021/07/09 The interview with Steampunk Digital was featured in NHK Fukuoka’s local program “Rokuichi Fukuoka! This is the second time that Steampunk Digital’s interview has been aired on TV! Thank you very much! This time we’re showing you how NHK filmed the whole thing! 3D scanning with the “Monocle Structure Scanner” In addition to the […]

paralreal【XMeet AR and Holographic Communications Project】

PROJECT Case 08 XR AR Xmeet XR Communication 2020/6/17~2021/3/31 Client: paralreal Technologies: AR, XR, Xmeet, XR Communication URL: https://paralreal.jp/ paralreal【XMeet AR and Holographic Communications Project】 A system that combines the real and virtual worlds “Xmeet” Steampunk Digital has participated in the paralreal Project, planned by paralreal Corporation, which aims to create a new common lifeline […]

Wankoubou【Hasami Porcelain 3D Project】

PROJECT Case 07 AR MonocleCloud WebXR Photogrammetry 2021/3/14~2021/6/28 Client: Wankoubou Technologies: AR, WebXR, Photogrammetry, Monocle Cloud, Monocle Gallery URL: https://wankoubou.myshopify.com/ Wankoubou【Hasami Yaki 3D Project】 Hasami-yaki 「traditional Japanese porcelain」 Sharp Sake Cup “Wankoubou” Steampunk Digital took on the challenge of creating a 3D version of porcelain by WANKOUBOU; Hasami-yaki is a white, glossy and uniquely shaped […]

SPD featured in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

2021/06/24 Steampunk Digital was selected as a provider of 3D digital solutions in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun’s special feature article, “Growing industries in Fukuoka through industry-academia-government collaboration”, published on 24 June. The article mentions the sales of Monocle Structure Sensor, the development of Monocle Cloud, and the real-time web conference system. Monocle Cloud Monocle SS

Interview published in Fukuoka Keizai magazine!

2021/6/15 An interview article with Stampunk Digital was published in the special feature “New developments in the development and utilization of virtual technology” in Fukuoka Keizai vol.394 released on June 1st! Interviews related to the project “Cetus”, a mixed reality (MR) experiment led by Kyushu Sangyo University using the Monocle Structure Sensor app and Photogrammetry […]

Monocle Cloud Trailer Uploaded!!

2021/02/06 We’ve just released a trailer for our 3D platform service, Monocle Cloud! Monocle Cloud is a service that provides 3D scanning, 3D viewer, uploading, sharing, 3D data management and other 3D related functions. Monocle Cloud Monocle SS

Hakata Hankyu【2021 Doll House Fair (Steampunk)】

PROJECT Case 06 AR Monocle SS WebXR 3D Scanning 2021/1/14 Client: Hakata Hankyu Technologies: AR, Monocle SS, WebXR URL: None Hakata Hankyu【2021 Dollhouse Fair (Steampunk Style)】 Entering a dollhouse for a “3D photo session” Steampunk Digital held a “3D photo session” in a steampunk miniature dollhouse during the “2021 Dollhouse Fair (Steampunk)” event organised by […]